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Öykü Yıldızhan

UX Designer & Software Developer

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Hello, I’m Öykü! I am a UX Designer who is passionate about bettering the environment and creating communities. I am currently working as a Full-Stack Developer at Isbank where I also take part in a volunteer team to plan online events for team-building and boosting the morale of our co-workers during the pandemic. I am freelancing at Legal Design Turkey as a UX Designer.

My goals as a UX Designer and as a person are to be part of projects where I can make a positive change, create unforgettable experiences, and be able to pave the way for other people who can do the same.

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I lived in Seoul, Korea for a year to learn Korean while teaching English. I experienced firsthand the different forms UX Design can take in various cultures.

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I studied Software Engineering at Izmir University of Economics where I took classes about game development, UX Design, and human-computer interaction.

I volunteer at SistersLab, a non-profit dedicated to increasing the visibility of women and other minority groups working in STEAM.

I live with a tortoiseshell cat named Stevie Nicks who adopted me on my birthday in July, 2020.

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I won the first place prize at the 2018 Korean Touristic Photography Contest organized by the Ankara Korean Culture Center.

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