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Qlik Sense Dashboard UX Design

Work Project

2021 - present

I am working as a UX Designer and Qlik Sense Developer in a Center of Excellence team made of data scientists and business professionals. Our purpose is to create dashboards for our bank that help the C-level executives, the branch managers, and the bank tellers track their actions and manage goals.

Two people having a discussion in front of some charts

As a UX Designer, I conduct research with the end-users, work on solutions that would satisfy the requirements of the executives whilst addressing the needs and pain points of the end-users, and take part in the ideation process with the rest of the team.

My responsibilities as a Qlik Sense Developer are figuring out the best way to display the data that is quick to load, easy to read and interpret, and addresses all the requirements and pain points.

A woman looking at a chart

Currently we are working on a personal dashboard for bank tellers to track their sales and see how they perform in relation to their branch and region. We are in the research process, working to prioritize which KPIs the end-users would like to see.


Our aim is to create a dashboard that will, instead of making users stressed and anxious about reaching their goals, make them feel rewarded for their effort and achievements.

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