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Data Catalog

Work Project

2019 - 2021

As a full stack developer, I worked on the Data Catalog project of my company from start to finish. Data Catalog is a data governance platform that was developed not only as an inventory of databases of the company, but also as a place for data owners to classify the personal data stored in the company.


Alongside programming, I also did UX and UI design for the Data Catalog. We had to tackle a lot of pain points, especially for the data classification process. We analyzed the previous platform for data classification, interviewed the users about their experiences with it, and designed a screen that is easy to use and works in tandem with the other functions of the platform such as the inventory, the data access manager, data masking, etc.

Filing system-pana.png

The project went live in 2020, and the data owners completed their yearly data classification process through the Data Catalog. We made some adjustments according to the user feedback we collected, and finalized the data catalog and classification functionalities in early 2021.

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